DOWNLOAD: Scoreland Rockell – The Hot Secretary – December 10th, 2019

How is Rockell, born & raised in Alabama, a real, down-residence southern gal? “I spent many nights driving down filth roads in the midst of nowhere,” described Rockell, her usually satisfied expression making anyone really feel very good. “We used to drink. That is what you do in minor southern cities, for the reason that there is not a lot else to do. You might have bonfires & anyone receives collectively. All people is aware anyone’s company. Within the South, there is a factor about southern generosity, & it is true. I’ve long gone to different locations the place they weren’t so hospitable, so I unquestionably adore the South. Even right here in south Florida!” Rockell is a charmer, little question about it. A southern charmer. She might attraction the minor birdies out of the timber. Now think about Rockell as a assistant. Your environment friendly, abnormal assistant. You’d under no circumstances receive a lick of labor finished. You would be dropped in a trance for seven several hours plus an hour for lunch as she went about her tasks.