Hitomi Tanaka is a well-known Japanese porn star with Asian ethnicity. She was born on July 18, 1986 in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan. Her porn star career started in 2007 and it seems like she`s still active until today. Besides the name Hitomi Tanaka she`s also known under different alias names like Hitomi, Tanaka Hitomi, Mingo. She is famous for her slim body with big natural tits, with a cup-size of 32N (70N). Her body measurements are 46JJ-24-34, her weight is 104lbs or 47 kg and she is 155 cm (5 ft 1 in) tall. Hitomi Tanaka has brown eyes and can be seen in most of her appearances with brown/black hair.


Hitomi, the living Manga doll from Tokyo, Japan, is ready to win the hearts and minds of all big boobs’ lovers, all around the world. What a babe. Off-camera, Hitomi is like any modern, young girl. She has her smartphone and iPod, her little dogs and her bedroom closet packed with sexy outfits. She loves spending the afternoon at her favorite salon getting all prettied up. Most Japanese women tend to be small-breasted, and Japanese girls with huge breasts are usually plumpers, so slim-and-stacked Hitomi is a true rarity.

Interesting things to know about Hitomi Tanaka

 The size of Hitomi’s naturals is a rarity in Japan, where a C-cupper is considered stacked. The shape of Hitomi’s tits are unique everywhere. They’re torpedo-like and full with huge, pale areolae, and they’re unusually pliable for such heavy tits. And, to top things off, Hitomi is short ‘n’ stacked. Rare anywhere is the 5’1” J-cupper.She lives in Japan and it’s fair to say that she’s the bustiest Asian natural ever. Well, in Japan there are two types of adult models, or, as they’re called, Idols. Gravure Idols typically pose in bikinis and other provocative clothing. AV (Adult Video) Idols pose nude and may even do hardcore porn. Hitomi used to be a Gravure Idol and became an AV Idol. Although the adult modeling world is different in Japan than almost everywhere else (for example, a girl can show her butthole but can’t show her pussy), Hitomi is like most young girls everywhere. She loves her little dog, her smartphone and her iPod. Her closet is packed with sexy clothes, and she loves going to her favorite salon to get pampered. She enjoys karate, cooking and watching baseball and soccer. Her breasts are full and pliable, and did you notice one is bigger than the other? That’s the surest sign of natural tits…as if there was any doubt.

Score Magazines Associate Editor Elliot James said, “Most Japanese girls with huge, natural tits are plumpers or heavy-set. Slim ‘n’ stacked Hitomi is a true phenomenon of nature, like Merilyn Sakova and Venera. Her pendulous boobs and sexy physique most closely resemble Sharday’s, but Hitomi’s torso is even slimmer than Sharday’s, making her look even bustier. She’s truly a living doll out of a Manga [a Japanese comic book.” A woman with an average bust size could go to a public beach or pool wearing such a garment. But Hitomi’s J-cup naturals pour out of the bikini on all sides, making it look inadequate for any purpose other than modeling for SCORE and causing raging hard-ons. And she’s only 5’1”, making her short and stacked. Yes, there’s a strong wind blowing from Japan. The Heat-omi is on! (Source: Score Magazine 2012, August Edition)

When I was in my teens, I had an inferiority complex because of my big breasts, but after I became a model, I became more self-confident of my body, Hitomi said. “I am proud of my career. I realize my breasts make me special.” Time and again, Hitomi proves it’s more than her big, fat, hanging naturals that make her special. She’s beautiful and has that special something. “I think it’s a very important thing to be special, to be the only one,” Hitomi said of being the rare busty Asian model. “I started thinking about becoming a model when I was 17. One day, an agent stopped me at a shopping mall when I was with a friend. That is how I began. When I am shooting a scene, I think about what the fans want to see me do and how I can look sexier.” (Source: Score Magazine, Volume 29, Issue 2, February 2020)

“I want to get married and have kids,” Hitomi said. We want to see her running around the neighborhood, chasing them, boobs bouncing. Hmmm..Hitomi as a MILF. Now that’s an interesting concept. “Some people tell me I am the only one they have ever seen with my kind of looks,” Hitomi said. “And some others say, ‘I have never seen such a sexy body.’ I imagine that people out of Japan would be surprised by me because they think Asian girls” breasts tend to be small. I think it’s a very important thing to be special, to be the only one. I am very proud of my body and my looks. I don’t go to the beach and I don’t swim in pools,” Hitomi said. “It would be too distracting being around normal people with breasts like these.” A few things you probably didn’t know about Hitomi: She has a black belt in karate. She loves dogs, and, no, not just the horny dogs who come on to her (pick-up lines just don’t work on her). Toy poodles. Her clit is super-sensitive. Here’s what you do know: She has a pair of the greatest hangers ever. (Source: Score Magazine, 2019, No. 2)

Hitomi is a little self-conscious about the way her breasts hang. The thing is, most girls think of titperfection as firm and perky, and Hitomi feels the same. She doesn’t quite comprehend how special her hangers are. “When I was in my teens, I had an inferiority complex because of my big breasts, but after I became a model, I became more self-confident of my body,” Hitomi said in Japanese through her Smartphone translator app that’s always handy when she comes to the United States. “I am proud of my career. I realize my breasts make me special.” She is, of course, the world’s bustiest slim ‘n’ stacked Asian natural, a crown she figures to wear for a long time. She’s also a quiet, somewhat shy babe who doesn’t dress to show off when she’s out and about. In fact, when she’s wearing her everyday clothing, you’d hardly know she’s busty or has a pair of the greatest hangers in the world. (Source: Score Magazine, September 2018)